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Carolina In My Mind Chords

Intro D  G  G/F Em7 G/A

[D]In my mind Iím [G]goiní to Carolina[A]
[G]Can't you see the [A]sunshine [Em7] canít you just feel the moon [A]shining
[D]Ain't it just [A]like a [Bm] friend of [G]mine to [D]hit me from [E7]behind 
[G]Yes I'm [D]goiní to [Bm7]Carol[Em7]ina [G]in my [D]mind

Verse 1
[D]Karen, she's a [C]silver sun, you'd best [G]walk away and [A]watch it shining
[Bm]Watch her [G]watch the morning [A]come
A [G]silver tear [D]appearing now I'm [Bm7]cry[Em7]ing [Asus4]need I[A7]?
I've [D]gone to [Bm7]Carol[Em7]ina [G]in my [D]mind
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Verse 2
[D]There ain't no doubt in [C]no-ones mind that [G]loveís the finest [A]thing around
[Bm]Whisper some[G]thing soft and [A]kind
And [G]hey baby, the [D]sky's on fire, I'm [Bm7]dy[Em7]ing [Asus4]need I[A7]
I've [D]gone to [Bm7]Carol[Em7]ina [G]in my [D]mind


Verse 3
[D]Dark and silent [C]late last night I [G]think I might have heard the [A]highway calling
[Bm]Geese in [G]flight and dogs that [A]bite
The signs that it might be omens say I'm [Bm7]go[Em7]iní go[Asus4]iní[A7]
I've [D]gone to [Bm7]Carol[Em7]ina [G]in my [D]mind


[D]With a [G]holy host of [A]others standing [Bm]around me 
[F#m7]Still I'm on the [Em7]dark side of the [G]moon [A]
And it [C]looks like this [G]goes on like this [D]forever  you must for[C]give me[G]
If I'm up and [D]gone to [Bm7]Carol[Em7]ina [G]in my [D]mind

	    D G G/F Em7  G/A D            (Repeat sequence to fade)

I'm gone                    say nice things about me cause I'm gone

Repeat and fade