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Let Me Rest In Peace Chords

this is spikes part in 'once more with feeling'
comments please
by ricky swift
  Em             D
I died so many years ago,
    Em              A      G        D
But you can make me feel like it isnt so.
  E                         D 
Your scared, ashamed of what you feel,
   Em              A                    G                D
But you cant tell the ones you love, you know they couldnt deal.
      Em            D        A           G       A7
But whispering in a dead mans ear doesnt make it real.
   E                       D
Thats great, but I dont want to play,
       Em               A           G             D
Because being with you touches me, more than I can say.
       D             A              Em
And since Im only dead to you Im saying stay away,
  D       A       E
And let me rest in peace!
  D         A              E          E
Let me rest in peace! Let me get some sleep!
  D                      A         E
Let me take my love and bury it in a hole thats 6 feet deep!
       D            A                E
I can lay my body down but I cant find my sweet release.
     D     A        Em            (pick these chords any way you want)
So let me rest in peace!
You know youve got a willing slave,
And you just love to play the part that you might misbehave.
Until you do Im telling you stop visiting my grave.
And let me rest in peace!

for this next slow part, guitar1 picks through the chords, guitar2 strums them
   D            Dm        C#      G#        C       C#
I know I should go but I follow you like a man possessed.
     C       C#      G#     C        C#                   G#           
Theres a traitor here beneath my breast, 
     C       C#      G#     C        C#  
And it hurts me more than you ever guessed.
      C#          G#             C        C#    C#m               G#
If my heart could beat it would break my chest, but I can see your unimpressed.
So leave me be and...
i hope this tab helps anyone. It sounds right when i play it to the CD.
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