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Sweetgrass Moon Chords

Sweetgrass Moon  
James Keelaghan
Album: A Recent Future (1995)                                 
Capo 2
Intro:Em 022000  D/F# 200232  C/G 330210  (repeat several times)

Verse 1:
G            D         Em
Child of an immigrant child
         Bm       Em
Came to work the land
D/F#                 C/G
But the land worked them instead 
While high overhead a...

Em    D/F#  C/G
Sweetgrass moon (x4)
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Verse 2:
Stand at night on the palm of the plains
See the horizon curve
Hear the song of the meadowlark
Across the gathering dark of...

Sweetgrass moon (x4)

G                      D/F#
No one will ever know, No one can ever see
Am                               C/G
The lines of force that bind me, upon this grassy sea
G                     D/F#
No one can ever know, No one can ever tell
Am                            C/G
The land that pulls you down, into that deep dark well

Piano solo

Verse 3:
This land my father adopted 
So much a part of me
But I cant separate it 
At night I long to see that...

Sweetgrass moon (x4)
Swee-eetgrass moon (x2)
repeat Em D/F# C/G several times