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FUNK #49

Lyrics and Music by JOE WALSH, 

       A7                          D5     A7                       D  G  D                                         A
A - sleep   all   day__             out   all   night_              I   know   where   you’re   go   -   ing
      Jump - ing   up__             Fall - ing  down_          Don’t   mis - un - der - stand   me
        Out   all   night__            sleep   all   day___         I   know   what   you’re   do - ing

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/james_gang/funk_crd.html ]
     A7                         D5         A7                  D  G  D                                           A 
     I   don’t   think   thats       acting   right__                You   don’t   think   it’s   show - ing__
   You   don’t   think   I   don’t   know   your   plan_     What   ch’you  try’n   to   hand   me?
     If   you’re   gon - na___   act   that   way,   I             think   there’s   trou - ble   brew  -  ing
	After repeating you play the instermental, which has been tabbed many times so......

	This is my first tabbing/chording project so I’m sorry for the confusion. If you didn’t catch
on you go from “A-sleep all day” to “you’re go-ing” then to “I don’t think thats” and the at the
end of that line back up to “Jump-ing up” and so on......Well, enjoy. If any of you have and
changes or suggestions or if you know how to play a D5 chord please E-mail me at
viper496@yahoo.com. Thanks, Darrell