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Faded Tab

To sound like the SBTV version which is the sound I think everyone wants to go for the 
bottom E and A strings are a half a step down.
The next string up (D)is half a step up. Nobody's said this yet!!

It's quite difficult so if you want to make it easier just knock off the C# string as 
it's quite a stretch! My First tab! so enjoy!!! Hope it all makes sense!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5exEJCQbbOE use the video for strumming patterns and 
anything I miss!


D#|12---12-x-12---12-x-12-xx-9--9-x-9--9-x 9 xx---------|

Repeat this for the whole song as it's the same riff over and over!
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Iím faded, Iím faded, Iím not sure if I can make it,
Oh but donít you cry for me,
Honey Iím not worth it, oh,
Honey Iím not worth it, oh,
Honey Iím not worth it,
Donít you cry for me.
Iím skipping through the days to come home,
A million conversations, autopilot, steer, flow,
Iím on one one-man mission, eyes down, take note;
Iíve never liked you, stay away from me,
Donít lock the bolt; this is the great escape from everything Iíve ever hated, from all 
this figuring
This lifeís shit that got me jaded, faded,
All the time the doubting got me underrated,
This is my mechanism, moving forward, isolated,
Belated superficial gestures of a phony type,
I come alive when Iím incarcerated late at night,
I wish that I could leave this soul destruction every night,
That I could regress in an able-bodied prototype,
If that made sense Iíd leave it here, I have no lesser business,
Iím immaterial but I still got things on a wish list,
This is desire; canít you hear it in my C+ English?
Iíd love the finer things but thatís not being realistic, ballistic,
Everybody goes when Iím singing, Iím sick of singing pain
So Iím free, broken, winging,
Coming out my heart purer than the way Iím living,
Maybe Iíll see you, or maybe Iíll just give in.

Yeah, itís just too much now that Iím all grown up,
Iíve been dragged through the dirt, now I should be blowing up,
Still Iím blowing, still Iím blowing,
And still I donít know where the hell I should be going,
So I guess itís just live like this Ďtil my mind goes snap,
No love, no drug could ever fill this gap,
Yeah I live for the high until it all floods back,
Like the tears of the years that I canít get back.

Iím faded, Iím faded, Iím not sure if I can make it,
Oh but donít you cry for me,
Honey Iím not worth it, oh,
Honey Iím not worth it, oh,
Honey Iím not worth it,
Donít you cry for me.