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English Beefcake Chords

James English Beefcake


I wish I could create myself
A  kool machine designed to help
      (A)          (Em)
Not always hurting
Just plug me in and do the rounds
Impress your friends
Save yourself pounds
      (A)           (Em)
I'll not be wanting
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      (same Below)
I wish that things could be that way
But every dog must have its say
The orchestra's tuning
I understand your suffering
I felt the same sting in my heart
That's why I'm singing


 (Bm)             (A)
Drifting away as lovers do
 (D)             G)
Heads you win and tails I lose
Nothing to say
much less to do
  (D)        (G)
Unhappy me unhappy you


What a terrific site this is, i have learned most of my guitar songs from this webpage

Lee of thornaby strikes again!!!!

If there are anymore of the album pleased to meet you, you want, e-mail me, at art_and_magic@yahoo.ca! enjoy