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Version: 2 Type: Tab

Satin Butterfly Tab

you play all the chords as powerchords 
c on the 8th
em7 on the 7th
h on the 6th 
d on the 5th 

You play the chords in the whole song 
sry for this bad englisch ^^

  C           Em7         H/B         D          
Even though you think i may sound pathetic
you should know what you mean to me, i say
a mad attraction, somehow magnetic
i'm stuck to you, and now you're stuck to me
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if you were a jewel, you would be a diamond
if you were a star, planetary alignment
if we were in school i'd want you for my assignment
so don't leave me girl, if you don't wanna see me crying

chorus: (2x)
fly me through the sky
on a satin butterfly (i say)
fly me through the sky
singing songs of love

singing songs of love ...

my heart is jumping in my chest i feel it everywhere
my knees keep shaking let me sit down on a chair
'cause you're so beautiful girl and it's absolutely clear
i love the way you smile, and your long dark hair, 'cause
your lips are so red, so soft and so sweet
your hips got the kinda curve that knock me off my feet
the way you walk, you swerve(?) over the concrete
if i had you girl, you'd make my life complete