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If you see this and appreciate it, please drop me a line and
let me know.  I'd hate for it to fall on deaf ears.


Paul Weller chord progressions are usually quite odd and difficult
to figure out -- he doesn't seem to follow any rules, yet somehow
manages to pull it off.  This song is no exception.

By the Jam
(initially released only as a single, now available on Snap! et. al.)


          A   F#m
|                        |
|                        |
| Bass:                  |

[Three times, then]

     D		G	   E	      E
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
| Bass:                                                   |

A                                  F#m
 Life is time you spend alone when you're young

A                              F#m
 Used to fall in love with everyone

A                   F#m
 Any guitar and any bass drum

D                    G
Life is a drink, and you get drunk
When you're young

[As above]
Life is new and there's things to be done
You can't wait to be grown up
Acceptance into the capital world 
You pull out some weed and their bullets are warm
When you're young
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jam/when_your_young_tab.html ]
	A                       E
But you find  out  life  isn't  like that
[As above]
It's so hard to comprehend
But you set up your dreams
To have them smashed in the end

But you don't mind
You got time on your side
And they're never gonna
make you stand in line
D                                 E    A  F#m  A  F#m
You're just waiting for the right time

You're feeling so great you can't be stopped when you're young
You swear you're never ever gonna work for someone
No corporations for the new age sons
Tears of rage roll down your face
But still you says it's fun

But you find out life isn't like that
You try hard to understand
Well the world is your oyster
but your future's a clam
It's got you in its grip
Before you're born
You're stoned with a user that I can't afford[*]
They'll let you be a king
But you're really a pawn

A  F#m    A  F#m   A  F#m  A

Bass (repeats through the 'quiet' middle part):

You're feeling so bright you can't be stopped when you're young

   ^Guitar 1    ^Guitar 2  ^Guitar 1

Used to fall in love with everyone

[Repeat guitar riff from above]

Any guitar and any bass drum


[Repeat 3 times:]


A F#m (repeat ad lib to fade)

Country -- the lights are going out
In millions of homes and thousands of flats
Goin' out, goin' out, goin' out, goin' out
Goin' out, goin' out, goin' out, goin' out

[*] 50 quatloos to the first person who tells me what
this line really says

Mark Schnitzius
University of Central Florida