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War Chords

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30th August 2001.


Written by Whitfield-Strong

B-side to 'Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero?'

Chords used:

F#:  x-9-11-11-11-x
Ebm: x68876 or 11-13-13-11-11-11 during the verses.

This is the tab for the intro:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jam/war_crd.html ]
           F#      Ebm  F#               F#      Ebm  F#             
-----------11-|----7-7--11-11|-----------11-|----7-7--11-11|-------- (go
-----------11-|----8-8--11-11|-----------11-|----8-8--11-11|--------  bak
-----------11-|----8-8--11-11|-----------11-|----8-8--11-11|--------  2
-----------9--|----6-6---9-9-|-----------9--|----6-6---9-9-|--------  start)

Repeat the above bit x4


During the verses -  the Ebm changes slightly like, and I can't say
 for sure what to here are the chords it might be, it could be all
 of them - but it makes playing the verses more interesting anyway!

 Ebm             Eb7sus4        Ebm7           Ebm6         

Hope this is of some help.