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The Planners Dream Goes Wrong Chords

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Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 14:50:54 -0400
From: shaun hand 
Subject: j/jam/the_planners_dream_goes_wrong.crd

Worked out and transcribed by Shaun Hand, Birmingham
  8th September 2000, 19.40pm
E-mail at Heliocentric@breathe.com
This is all my own work

(Paul Weller)

>From 'The Gift' LP

Chords used:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jam/the_planners_dream_goes_wrong_crd.html ]
F:   133211
Bb:  688766
C:   x32010 and x3555x
Eb:  x6888x
Dm:  x57765
A:   577655
Cm:  x35543

F Bb (x2)

Bb F (x2) C F Eb Dm F
'Letting loose..' to '..our fears'

Bb F (x2) C F Eb Dm Bb
'And the dream life..' to '..human beings'

A Dm C A Cm F Eb Dm F
'They were ..' to '..went wrong'

F Bb (x2)

A Dm C A Cm F Eb Dm Bb
'If people ..' to '..the ceiling'

Bb F (x6)
'And the public..' to '..go out'

'Baby's scream..' to '..throng'

Eb Dm Eb Dm Bb (x3)
'Ah the planners .....  go wrong' (x3)

Hope you understand this...
If I'm wrong correct me!