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Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 10:57:32 -0400
From: shaun hand 
Subject: j/jam/set_the_house_ablaze.tab

Worked out and transcribed by Shaun Hand, Birmingham.
  27th August 2000. 14.49pm
E-mail at Heliocentric@breathe.com
This is all my own work

(Paul Weller)

This looks very complicated to understand cos I can't include lyrics but 
it's very easy and there's a basic
chord summary at the end. If you listen to the record
you can place all the bits together.

Chords used:

Bm:   x24432
G:    320033
Eb:   xx5343
Cm:   x35543
D:    xx0232
F#m:  244222
C#m:  x46654
A:    x02220
G/F#: 2x0033


Guitar 1:



--------3--3--2--2--0--0-- (x19)

The seventh time this riff is played guitar 2 comes in with a single chord:

Guitar 2:



Verse One (repeat riff 1 throughout)

      Bm <--------------------(riff 2)
I was in the pub...

The chords for the verse are Bm and G - the G is implied by the bass.


                                                       Eb                          Cm

 Something you said ....                  (x2)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jam/set_the_house_ablaze_tab.html ]
Eb                          Cm        D

 Something you ...

Back to riff one (x12)

Verse two
'You was so open-minded...
Repeat riff one throughout (there is no guitar slash
at the start of this verse)

Middle eight:
The middle eight is in two sections:
Here you play the chords:

  F#m                     C#m        (x4)
I think we've lost our perception... etc.

Third time:


--------x\ (scrape plectrum down string quickly)

  D                   C#m           A          (x3)
I wish that there was something.....do about it...

Repeat chorus.


Bm          G
--4--|-----|--0--|-----| (x2)

second time you play G - flick the rhythm/treble switch very quickly.

Then play this riff x6 during the indechipherable spoken part.

  Bm             G  G/F#

Note: 5th time the there is a pinch harmonic (?)on the
      7th fret instead of a Bm chord.

Then play Riff 1 x 4 and repeat the chorus


Riff 1 is played around 20 times then after about 15
times a rhythm guitar comes in playing Bm G G/F#
and the riff dissapears in the mix and then drops out.
Before coming back along with the rhythm guitar and it's continued until 
the song ends on Bm.

So, a brief summary is

Intro: Bm G (x6)

Verse: Bm G (x3)

Chorus: Eb Cm (x3) D

Verse two: Bm G (x2)

Middle eight: F#m C#m (x4) D C#m A (x2) A

Chorus: as chorus 1

Break: Bm G (x2) 

Spoken bit: Bm G G/F# (x6)

Chorus: as chorus 1

Coda: Bm G G/F# to end.
I hope you understand - if I'm completely wrong please
correct me! Cheers.