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Teri Yaad Chords

Am            G
teri yaad, ayay jab mujh ko

mein laut aaon ga

Am                 G
woh bheegi raat, aur baarish howay

mein bheeg jaaaon ga

ho hoo hoo.....

Dm        Am
Faasley, Simat Na Sakay

Dm        Am
Raastay Jo Mit Na Sakay

G               F
In Faaslon Ko, Simatnaa Hai

G               F
In Raaston Pay, Chalnaa Hai

Am               G
Yeh Dil Ki Baat, Koi Jaan Na Jaanay

F                  Am
Mein Keh Jaaon Ga, Woh Teray Saath
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jal/teri_yaad_crd_ver_2.html ]
G                 F
Guzaaray Lamhay, Naa Bhool Paaon Gaa

Ho Ho Hoo....

Same Chords Pattern for the next verse, honestly, i'm too lazy to type the lyrics, and 
the solo, i'm in no mood to tab it out, it's real easy, typical jal solo, based on a 
tune.oh, and thought this would help, goher uses a delay pedal on the solo, for those
who want an exact sound.if you need to learn the exact solo,give it ten odd minutes of patient 
and you'll be able to do it.

hope this would help.constructive criticism is accepted, anything else, you might as 
shove it up like an armpit slurping squirrel.


Asad Farooqi...