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Someone Told Me Tab

                Someone Told Me - Jake Bugg
Tabbed by: windjunky
E-mail: paulneale@me.com

Tuning: Standard (capo on 3)

   Am              F              C             G
G|-------2-------|------2-------|-----0-------|-----0-------| X2

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Am   F        C    G
Am I crazy or am I blind?
Am      F       C          G     Am, F, C, G
Someone told me Iím out my mind, Ohhhhhh 
Am      F        C       G
Someone told me a girl I liked
Am      F             C        G    Am, F, C, G
Fell in love and all I did was cry, Ohhhhh 

F                                   C - G
Someone hold me, Iím done with this ga-me
F                              C - Am 
Said Iím sorry, but i'm not to bla-me
       G      Am, F, C, G
What a shame, Ohhhhhh

Tried to break from this lonely pain
Someone told me Iím just insane, Ohhhhhh
Broke my heart when I knew
That I could never be with you, Ohhhhhh

Someone love me, but not today
Will you show me, Show me a way
how to love? Ohhhhhh

Someone told me a girl I liked
Fell in love and all did was cry, ohhhhhh