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Artist:  Alan Jackson
Song:  "I'll go on loving you"
Album:  High Mileage
Transcribed by Doug Fraw

Intro  Repeated several times throughout song.  Many of the notes are vibratos and ring out, just listen to the song.


Chorus   I'll go on loving you…..
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     Cm    G#   (twice)  when he sings I'll go on loving you the third time play A#
E    3      4                                                                    6                                      
B    4      4                                                                    6                                      
G    5      5                                                                    7                                     
D    5      6                                                                    8                                      
A    3      6                                                                    8                                      
E    x      4   

Verse:  It is hard to tell, but it sounds like he may be fingerpicking with the chords Cm and G#.                                                                 6