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Whos Loving You Chords

I've went looking for this song online and it seems like no one has it completely 
right.   So here's  the chords as I hear them.


G  D/F#  Em (repeat)

D7                     C7
Since you went away

                      G      D           G  D/F#  Em
Don't cha know I sit around, ...... 
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         C7         Cm               G      [1. D7 (hold) (back to verse)
And I wonder who's loving you.

[2. Bridge:
                   B              Em           B                                      Em
Life without love....                         I don't think I'm gonna make it

           C               D                G  D/F#  Em
All my life, all my life,...

A7                                     D7
Come on and take it girl, Come on and take it

(Repeat verse)