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From:   Jorge Valente [jvalente.fl@mci2000.com]
Sent:   Wednesday, December 17, 1997 1:48 AM

Artist: by the Jackson 5

Here is "I'll be There" for anyone who wants to learn it.  There is another
version under MAriah Carey but I can't figure that one out. Here is how it
really goes:

F                            Am/E
You   and   I   must   make   a   pact

Dm                            C
We   must   bring   salvation   back

Bb                        Bb/C
Where   there   is   love
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I'll   be   there

F                             Am/E
I'll   reach   out   my   hand   to   you

Dm                             C
I'll   have   faith   in   all   you   do

Bb                        Bb/C
Whenever   you   need   me

I'l   be   there

Ab                         Eb
I'll   be   there   to   comfort   you

Build   my   world   of   dreams   around   you

I'm   so   glad   that   I   found   you

Ab                                 Eb
I'll   be   there   with   a   love   that's   strong

                      Bb                                 Bb/C
I'll   be   your   strength ,    I'll    keep   holding   on

        I forgot the rest of the words but it just repeats itself from there!
Have fun!