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Keep Rising Chords

Keep Rising - Jack’s Mannequin

Capo 1

Verse 1:
D5                         Aadd4
I could feel the pressure drop
And hope was just a broken bridge
D5                              Aadd4
And when the clouds refused to stop
You said you'd find a plan for this
D5                              Add4
And there was no place I could run
Just days without the sun, I was a ghost and waiting
To sleep, to dream, to hear you saying

Bm          D    Em             G
Don't be afraid, the rain will make us what we are
Bm          D                  Em                G
And I will keep you safe, just wait here with me in the dark
      G                    A
Cause this feels a whole lot like living
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D5                  Aadd4                Em
  If it's just a song to keep us in the universe
G           A
  When the wars are waging
D5               Aadd4                        Em
  I will be strong, there's no chance we can lose this fight
G              A 
  With the love that I'm facing
D5                 Aadd4                            Em
  With a note so long, when the morning comes we'll know the truth
G                 A
  The sun will forever keep rising

Verse 2: “So they plug my wires in...”

Pre-chorus: “Cause I’m so afraid...”


And we sing (And we sing)
      G                         A                Bm 
So we watch the street lights all fall fast asleep (fast asleep)
         G                        A             D5
Yeah, we sing until the sun rains down on everything

D5          Aadd4       Bm      
  Keep rising, keep rising, yeah
G                  A
  The sun will forever keep rising    (x2)

End on D5