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Doris Day Chords

Doris Day - Jackís Mannequin

Verse 1
C          Em                   D
 I saw her wait, waiting at the bus stop
D                C            Em 
 Watching as her tears dropped
      D                             C 
 Like pennies down a well, oh well
Em                      D
 We can drink until the sun comes up
D              C            Em 
 I never let a good thing go
   D                 D
 So I'll stay here if you're not leaving
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G     C        D
 I am on your side, this house is empty
Em       C          D
 We could cross the line
     D              G        C
 And we could make a big mistake
 The silence breaks, and you hear me say
C              Em             D
 Don't go, donít go so far away
You donít have to go

C, D
C, Em, D

Verse 2: I saw your man, fast car and a dark suntan...


You donít have to go
 I knew it was a crime
G  D
 I did it anyway
Em                     G 
 I tell 'em we're like magnets
   D                  Em 
 I tell 'em I feel no shame 
 If I crawl into your blood 
G                       A
 Can I sleep under your skin?
 Come on let me in don't make me 
G, C, D, D, G, C, D, D


Repeat progression of C, Em, D to end

End on C