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Caves Chords

Eb Cm Ab Eb x2

I'm caught
    Cm         Ab
Somewhere in between
     Cm         Ab
And living a dream.
No peace
      Cm          Ab
Just clicking machines
     Ab           Eb   Bb
In the quiet of compazine.
     Ab        Bb        Eb
The walls caved in on me.

And she sings
My bird dressed in white.
And she stings
My arm in the night.
I lay still
Still I'm ready to fight.
Have my lungs
But you can't take my sight.
The walls caved in
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And out here
I watch the sun circle the earth
The marrows collide in rebirth
In God's glory praise
The spirit calls out from the caves.
The walls fell and there I lay

                 Ab    Eb
The walls are caving in
                Ab   Eb
As far as I can see
The walls are caving in
The doors got locked for sure
There's no one here but me

                     Cm  Ab Eb
Beat my body like a rag doll
                           Cm  Ab Eb
you stuck the needles in my hip
Said 'we're not gonna lie
Son, you just might die
                         Eb         Bb
Get you on that morphine drip, drip'

Thats all I have so far
This is an amazing piano song, sorry I dont have sheets.