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All I Need Chords

Title: All I Need

Artist/band: Jack Wagner

Source of Chords: Charlie Edsel Valera     
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Intro: A-Am9-A-F#m7-Bm7
       A/C#-Dm7-E-A-E/B 2x
A          F#m7     Bm7 A/C#-Dm7-E
Kissing you is not what I had planned
A  E/B A              F#m7      E7sus  E7
And now Iím not so sure just where I stand
Bm7       F#m               E
I wasnít looking for true love
Bm7       F#m              E
But now youíre looking at me
                          E7sus E7
Youíre the only one I can think of
              Bm7  A/C# CM9/G-Bm7-E7sus-E7
Youíre the only one I see
A Ebdim7  DM/F#-E-D
All I need
      E7sus             A
Is just a little more time
      Ebdim7      DM/F#-E-D
To be sure what I feel
   E7sus          A
Is it all in my mind
                 Ebdim7       D/A   
Cause it seems so hard to believe
That youíre all I need
A                      F#m7      Bm7-A/C#DM7-E
Yes itís true weíve all been hurt before
            A                Bm7-A/C#DM7-E
But it doesnít seem to matter anymore
  Bm7              A/C#      E7sus E7
It may be a chance weíre taking
            Bm7    A/C#   G
But it always comes to this
            Bm7    A/C#   E7sus E7
If this isnít love were making
Bm7                     A/C# CM9/G-Bm7-E7sus
Then I donít know what it is
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
Ad lib:
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
E          D       E7sus   F#m7
That youíre all I need
            B7       E/G#
No stars are out tonight
        C#m7              F#m7
But were shining our own light
            B7sus         G/D
And itís never felt so bright
Cause girl the way Iím feeling
Itís easy to believe
                        (Do intro)
That youíre al I need
Oh, youíre all I need, oooh . . .