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Got My Favourite Tab

------------------*Jack Penate – Got My Favourite*---------------------------


   C# B  F# E        C#maj7 Ebm7            Ebm7 (add6?)

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C#maj7                       Ebm7
Ive got my favourite pair of creps on
C#maj7                       Ebm7
The ones with golden samaris sewn on
C#maj7                             Ebm7
Each step is skipped when they are thrown on
C#maj7              Ebm7add6
Feet are swift so I bowl on

I got my favourite army dog tag
The one I got one day with my Dad
We watched the planes loop and the clouds sag
The sky was filled with smoke drag

Ebm7        Ab                  C#maj7   F#
Of course i know that these are all for show
Ebm7     Ab             C#maj7   F#
To decorate my limbs and let me know
Ebm7                Ab               C#maj7    F#
That through these things a constant love will flow
Ebm7        Ab             C#maj7 
With them we are not on our own

Ive got my favourite Westwood coat on
The one from Alice who I dote on
I am a pirate and I float on
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Repeat bridge

Got my favourite 
Got my favourite 

I got my favourite gold signet ring
The one that gives me power to sing
From my mum who I owe all things
Love forevers written within

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus