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Bad Fish Chords

Jack Johnson-Badfish/Boss DJ

Tabbed by: Jamstein
Email: 1mug@graffiti.net (Suggestions, comments?)

Alright everyone, since nobody else decided to step up in tabbing this excellent,
fantastic, wonderful song, I decided to do it myself. As you may or may not no,
this song is a cover of Sublime's Badfish and Boss DJ, two songs which Mr. Johnson
melded together ever so elloquently. So, here it is, it's not perfect, and it's only
the chords, but i'm sure there's a uitarist out there who can make a full on, intricate
tab to this song:

Intro: F A#, D#, F (perhaps a high F)

F                                           A#
When you grab a hold of me
D#                                               F
Tell me that Iíll never be set free
F                                           A#
But Iím a parasite, creep and crawl
D#                                               F
I step into the night.
F                           A#
Two pints of booze
D#                                         F
Tell me are you a badfish too? (are you a badfish too?) 

Chorus (kinda):

A#                                       F
Ainít got no money to spend
A#                                     F
And I hope this night will never end
A#                            F
Lord knows Iím weak
A#                                              Cminor (?)
Wonít somebody get me off of this reef
F                                       Cminor
And baby your a big blue whale
low F                                              high F
I'll grab the reef when all duck diving fails
F                                                              Cminor
And I can swim but I wish I had never learned
low F                                                high F
Cuz the waterís too polluted with germs
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Now, Same as 1st Verse:
F                                                           A#
Dive deep when itís ten feet overhead
D#                                                      F
And grab the reef, that's underneath my bed, (Itís underneath my bed)
 A#                                         F
Ainít got no quarrels with God, 
A#                                         F
Ainít got no time to grow old
A#                                         F
Lord knows that Iím weak
A#                                              Cminor (?)
Wonít somebody get me off of this reef

Now, Boss DJ comes in:

F                                                     A#
And thereís a steel train cominí in, 
F                                  A#
I would take it if I could
F                                     A#
And I would not lie to you, 
F                                     A#
because Sunday morniní soon will come
F                                        A#
Things will be, easier to say
F                                                          A#
Upon the microphone like I'm a Boss DJ
F                                                             A#
I will walk up upon the stage, like it was dry land
F                                                 A#
A Boss DJ ainít nothiní but a man
C                                   A#
No trouble, no fuss, I know why..

F            A#  F                                     A#  
Itís so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice,
F            A#  F                                     A#  
Itís so nice I wanna hear the same song twice

C                                              A#
Nowadays all the songs on the radio,
They all,
All drive me crazy

Alright, that's more or less the whole thing.  Some parts are a little iffy, but it's
just a rough tab.  Thank you for reading and choosing to lean this wonderful song.