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Eat Chords

 Am     C       D             E     Am          C                D
What a game we play in this arena. It's called haul your ass or you'll be 
  E     Am        C              D          E        Am         C        
eaten. Fill your mouth don't be shy,have a bite now. He wasn't fast enough
    D            E  Am                                    Am         C    
so he's in the dark now. Solo:Am C Dm E Em x2 That's the way  it'll be,In
      D          E            Am          C            D         E
the land of the free. And The man,in the moon,made of dust,he laughs at us. 
Am C D         E         Am C D         E
   Noo. Dont laugh at us. Nooo. Don't laugh at us. (Play solo again with personal alterations)
      Am       C           D           E         Am      C           D
I'll keep the calm,with a slew,of convictions. Nothing seems like a good 
    E        Am      C          D          E       Am         C         
distraction.Wish my head,was a page,in a printer. Trash bad thoughs,with the
  D          E                                  Am        C           D
click,of a finger.(Play solo again)  With the crack of a gun,And the snap
      E             Am           C              D           E       
Of a bone. We will fall to our knees,and we'll fall,and we won't come back.
Am        C           D          E           Am           C          D 
Now,I'm alive,And my soul,is on fire and I breathe,and I love,And I see,And
     E           Am  C D  Am C D          E         Am
you can't stop me.   Noo.   Noo.  No you can't stop me.   

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