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The One Eyed King Chords

Jacco Gardner - The One Eyed King

F#m            A         E
Sitting by the old road again
G             Em           Bm
Waiting for a letter for a friend
F#m                A         E
Thinking about the old days again
G               Em            Bm
Drifting down a river with no end

Em             C
But the life I see                \
B                             F#m   2x
Tells me nothing's wrong with me  /

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F#m            A           E
Passing by the cave on the cove
G               Em              Bm
Standing in the darkness in the sun
F#m         A              E
Open up the window to your mind
   G            Em              Bm
So I can look inside and lend a hand

- play chorus - 

   C#m                             E
Am I the one eyed king amongst the blind?
C#m                                E
Can I heal the wounds that leave behind?
C#m                          E
Let me be the savior of your mind
        C#m                   E
For the army of emotions I command

D#m G#