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Always On Time Tab

 Artist :Ja Rule  
 Song :Always On Time   
 Tabbed by :Trevor James Hawes 
 Date: 2/24/2002

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/ja_rule/always_on_time_tab.html ]
 Bored on a Saturday evening, and decided to tab this out. 
 It took less than a minute to figure out and is very easy to 
 play. Have fun!                                                                       
 e |-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
 B |-----------------------------|-9-9h11p9-9-----11-11h13p11-11-----|
 G |-8-8h10p8-8-----8-8h10p8-8---|------------10-----------------8---|
 D |------------10-------------10|-----------------------------------|
 A |-----------------------------|-8-8------------10-10--------------|
 E |-8-8------------8-8----------|-----------------------------------|

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