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Love Stinks Chords

These are the major chord changes. 
Listen to the song for accents and such. 
Enjoy! T.

Intro/Chorus:  C-C G-G F-F GxxG   
Verse:         C F-F C A-A-A
Pre:           G G F


Intro: Play these up the neck. C&F at 8, G at 10. x=muted. 

C-C  G-G  F-F  GxxG

Verse: Play these palm muted

C            F-F      C              A-A-A
You love her,     but she loves him.

    C                      F-F      C              A-A-A
And he loves somebody else,     you just canít win.

    C          F-F       C        A-A-A
And so it goes until the day you die.
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     C                    F-F               C            A-A-A
This thing they call love,       itís gonna make you cry.

Pre-chorus: (let chords ring out)

G                       G                    
Iíve had the blues, the reds, and the pinks.

  One thingís for sure...

Love Stinks. 

Chorus: (same as intro)

Love Stinks...Yea Yea...

Verse 2: (same as verse 1)
Two by two, and side by side.
Loveís gonna find you, yes it is, you just canít hide.
Youíll hear the call, your heart will fall.
Then love will fly. Itís gone, and thatís all.

Pre-chorus: (see above - G/G/G-F)
I donít care what any Casanova thinks.
All I can say is
Love stinks... 


Keyboard Solo: (Play it like the verses)
Shoo doo wop.  Shoo doo wop.  Shoo Shoo.

Pre-chorus: (see above - G/G/G-F)
Iíve been through diamonds, 
Iíve been through minks,
Iíve been through it all 
Love Stinks! Yea, yea

Breakdown: Same as intro

Chorus until end.