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Speechless Chords

Wonderful song from Israel Houghton & New Breed's latest album, Jesus at the Center.

IMPORTANT: small letters = notes, capital letters = chords!
Every A = A2 and every B = Badd4


A2  E  Badd4  (C#m or A2/F#)
A2  E  Badd4  F#(Add4)   [last time]

A2    E   Badd4        A   E   Badd4
Unending but always on time
A2    E   Badd4        A   E   Badd4   F#(add4)  
Unfailing but never unkind
A2    E   Badd4    A2    E   B
Unmerited favor is mine
A2      E  B  F#add4  A              E
Undeserving but oh I receive Your grace
[ Tab from: ]
E          Bm7
Lord Your grace
      A          A2/F#
Oh I need it I receive it
E              Bm7
I'm amazed so amazed
        A            A2/F#
When I see it I am speechless
              A    E    B
You take my breath away
              A    E    B   F#add4
(You take my breath away)

Verse 2 (Same chords as 1)


D2                        A2
And You breathe life into me
                  E E E d g# A g# x2 (in unison)
I'm nothing without You
D2                          A2
Without grace where would I be
                  E E E d g# A g# x2 (in unison)
         LAST TIME: A2/F#      A
I'm no where without You

Chorus (repeat)


d           A    E  F#/E   E
Nothing without You
d           A    E
Nothing without You
B A g# d
Oh oh oh
B A g# A
Oh oh oh
d E F# E
Oh oh oh