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Nil Chords

Capo 3rd

D                             G
I've been drifting, I've been drinking too much
D                              G
Been thinking I'm not thinking clearly enough
Are there two of me, it feels like there are two of me
C                   D7
One is my enemy and one's sent to deliver me
D                        G
When I'm drowning I like drowning alone
D                               G
Don't need no one to tell me to pull up the rope
I can't have only one, no I can't just have only one
C                             D7
It's all and none none ni and know that it's true, so

G   C     D       G
You leave nil for me
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D                             G
I'll do different things, but I like them all
D                         G
Blue is beautiful, curled up in a ball
And don't feel anything, I don't want to feel anything
C                               D7
It's more than feeling it, it's more than the real thing
D                            G
Are you impressed with how depressed I've become
D                            G
Better get your angels to go bang on a drum
But they don't recognize me, they don't seem to recognize
C                       D7
I was baptized but they bared no mind, so

G   C     D       G
You leave nil for me

G   C     D       G
You leave nil for me

G    C       D                 G
You, please, keep it away from me


D                 G
Keep it away from me