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Lonely Love Chords

Gm  065640 (Eb7 is the closest chord) G# G#m Eb
Eb7 G# G#m Eb Bb G# Eb

I heard you cry cry to a lonesome lullaby lullaby
And the only love is a lonely love and now you know why

Eb G# Cm G# Eb G# Cm Bb
While aglow in dulcet tones you heard a low troubled note
And though you found yourself unsettled by the disquieting sound get you down get you down
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Eb Fm Bb Eb Gm Cm Fm 
Bb Eb Gm Cm
Aw home where you wanna be alone with your lovely little love and my how you have grown 
have you come into your own lalalalalonely hands of a lonely little man

The unkindness of raven love soon becomes
A hole in your heart where feeling should be but where everythingís been torn apart mmmhmm

Ah la la la la lonely love lonely little love lalalalala lonely love lonely little love 
lalalala lonely love

Eb Cm G# Bb
I donít want no part of this lonely love I donít want no part of this love x4