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The Orange And The Green Chords

Oh, it (C)is the biggest (Am)mixup that (G)you have ever seen
Me (F)father was an (C)Orangemen, me (G)mother she was (C)green.

Oh, me (C)father was an (Am)Ulsterman, proud (G)Protestant was he
Me (F)mother was a (C)Catholic and from (G)county Cork was (C)she.
They were married in two (Am)churches and lived (G)happily enough
Un(F)til the day that (C)I was born and (G)things got rather (C)tough.


Bap(C)tized by father (Am)Reilly I was (G)rushed away by car
To be (F)made a little (C)Orangemen, me (G)fathers shining (C)star.
I was christened David (Am)Antony but (G)still inspite of that
To me (F)father I was (C)Billy while me (G)mother called me (C)Pat.

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With (C)mother every (Am)sunday to (G)mass Id proudly stoll
And (F)after that the (C)orange lord would (G)try to save me (C)soul.
And both sides tried to (Am)claim me, but (G)I was smart because
Id (F)play the flute, Id (C)play the harp de(G)pending were I (C)was


And (C)when Id sing those (Am)rebel songs much (G)to me mothers joy
Me (F)father would jump (C)up and say Look (G)here, now Bill me (C)boy!
That's quite enough of (Am)that lot.", he'd (G)toss me oer a coin
He'd (F)have me sing The (C)Orange Flute or the (G)Heroes Of The (C)Boyne.


One (C)day me Ma's re(Am)lations came (G)round to visit me.
Just (F)as my father's (C)kinfolk were (G)sitting down to (C)tea.
We tried to smooth things (Am)over, but they (G)all began to fight.
And (F)me, being strictly (C)neutral, I kicked (G)everyone in (C)sight.


My (C)parents never (Am)could agree a(G)bout my type of school.
My (F)learning was all (C)done at home, that's (G)why I'm such a (C)fool.
They've both passed on, God (Am)rest 'em, but (G)I was left between
That (F)awful colour (C)problem of the (G)Orange and the (C)Green.

Repeat Chorus x2