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One Fatal Mistake Chords

                                          Artist - IQ
                                    Song - One Fatal Mistake
                                       Album - Frequency

Intro - Acoustic solo
  Bb           Gm      F          Gm        
[---s----------------- -s----------------------]
[-11\13-11-----11-----10\11-10-----------------]Reapet this 
[----------10------------------10---s------10--]4 times.
[-----------------10--------------10\12-10-----]it fades out 
[----------------------------------------------]on the 4th one.

Verse 1
Bb          Gm      F          Bb
    There's nowhere I'd rather be
      Gm         F            Gm
Cause no-one can mean more to me
Bb     Gm        F                  Bb
    In tenements racked against the wind
    Gm          F         Bb
Our desperation reined us in

Bb Gm F Bb
Verse 2
Bb      Gm         F          Bb
    You drifted so far out of range
  Gm          F          Gm
I held on but everything changed
Bb      Gm         F             Bb
    How can you be everywhere at once
    Gm      F     C    
But nowhere to be found
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Verse 3 - Different
F            Bb               Gm
   Imagine all you could have been
F               Bb           Gm
   Eventually you would have seen
F  Dm                                  C
   The wanderlust                    [-0-3---3--|-0-3---3-|-0-3---3-]
    Bb               Gm              [-----1----|-----1---|-----1---]
And all you dared to dream of        [----------|---------|---------]
C  Bb       C    Bb        C         [----------|---------|---------]
If ever you make one fatal mistake   [----------|---------|---------]
Verse 4
Bb     Gm            F       Dm
   You broke me, you have no idea
Bb    Gm         F             Dm
   In darkness I see more than hear
Bb   Gm        F          Dm
   Impossible, even I can say
Bb  Gm              F      Dm
    Many would have walked away

Verse 5
Bb    Gm          F        Dm
    A lifetime of living a lie
Bb       Gm            F          Dm
    Like daylight shot out of the sky
Bb  Gm               F            Bb
    So did the truth ever set you free
    Gm               F         C
Got nothing but that hold on me

Verse 6 - Different
F                   Bb           Gm
   Remember all the promises you planned on
F               Bb                  Gm
   The only one whose arms you ever ran from
F  Dm                  Bb              Gm
   The best of you was locked away for so long
C                    Gm     C
  Don't wait another day

Verse 7
F                  Bb               Gm       
   Imagine all the mysteries you're made of
C  F             Bb               Gm    
   The great adventures you would love    
F  Dm
   The wanderlust
Bb                   Gm
And all you dared to dream of
Don't say it's too late
    Bb      C
One fatal mistake

Repeat the small picking section on the C chord to finish......