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The Loved One Chords

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From: Christopher Toumajian 

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Due to the response of the last INXS song posted, I decided to do
this one.  It's a little trick, put a lot of fun to play.  I'm sure
all you INXSaries will enjoy it.

I recommend playing the verse and intro in barre chords 
(i.e. C = 355530) and playing the chorus normal 
(i.e. C = 010230)


(D) (C#) (B)  (do this eight times)

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(B) (A) (C#) (B)  Yonder she's walking
(B) (A) (C#) (B)  she comes my way
 "   "   "    "   red dress on 
 "   "   "    "   long black hair
 "   "   "    "   walking like
 "   "   "    "   talking like
 "   "   "    "   wanting like
 "   "   "    "   she comes to me (A) (G)


Oh baby I (C) love (D) you (G) so
I (C) need (D) you (G) know,
I (C) want (D) you (G) back,
I can't go (C) on (D)


for the second verse, play the intro until 
"and now she's gone". At this point go back to 
the chords for the first verse.

Chorus : 

chorus is the same thoroughout the song and it repeats twice
at the end. 

One last note about the chords in the verse, you need to play
them quick and before each line of the verse.  I play the B,
then I remove my finger form the 4th fret and just strum a couple
strings to play that A.  It seems the quickest way to me, but do
whatever works.

Here is a little tab for the outro, it's kinda faint so listen for
it.  It's all played on the high E string.


If you have any questions or comments send to

Christopher Toumajian