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Not Enough Time Chords

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From: (Phillip McClean)
The following are the chords for Not Enough Time by INXS from the Welcome 
To Wherever You Are.  This album is full of outstanding songs.  Many of
the videos were only seen once in the US on ABC In Concert.  For anyone
interested in funk based songs this a must.  Dig it out or buy it.

Phil McClean	In our fight against the end
		Making love we are immortal
		'Not Enough Time' - INXS (A.Farriss/M.Hutchence)

NOT ENOUGH TIME - INXS (A.Farriss/M.Hutchence)
                  from Welcome From Wherever You Are
   A   F#m   G   E   D   A(in EDA run)

A  F#m  A  F#m
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