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New Sensation Chords

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E                                               A
Live baby live now that the day is over I got a new sensation
    G                 E
In perfect moments Impossible to refuse
Sleep baby sleep now that the night is over and the sun comes like a god
   G               E
Into our room all perfect light and promises

Gotta hold on you a (new sensation, a new sensation)
Right now gonna take you over (a new sensation, a new sensation)
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Dream baby dream of all that's come and going and you will find out
                  G                            E
In the end there really is there really is no difference
Cry baby cry when you've got to get it out I'll be your shoulder
                                  G                      E
You can tell me all don't keep it in ya well that's the reason why I'm here

Are you ready for a (new sensation, a new sensation) right now
Gonna take you on a (new sensation, a new sensation)

Hate baby hate when there's nothing left for you you're only human
                              G                    E
What can you do It'll soon be over don't let your pain take over you
Love baby love It's written all over your face there's nothing
 A                              G                E
better we could do than live forever well that's all we've got to do

Hey now I'm gonna take it over (a new sensation, a new sensation)