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BACK ON LINE --- INXS (J. Farriss/M. Hutchence)
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	1. The verses are actually played with a piano.  The chords
	   match the piano.  The tab of the chords I play here are:
	   A Chord 	D Chord
	   e-0		e-2
	   B-2		B-3
	   G-2		G-2
	   D-2		D-0
	   A-0		A-0
	   e-0		e-0
	2. The third line of the chorus is different than the lyrics
	   published with the CD.  That line ends with '...leaving' on
	   the CD lyrics
	3. The A E D progression proceeding each line of the chorus must
	   be played at the fifth and seventh frets to sound right. The
	   tabs for the chords:
	   A Chord	e Chord		D Chord
	   e-5		e-7		e-5
	   B-5		B-9		B-7
	   G-6		G-9		G-7
	   D-7		D-9		D-7
	   A-7		A-7		A-5
	   e-5		e-7		e-5
	   This A E D progression is correct, but the lyrics of the chorus
	   may actually be sang against another chord I can't figure out 
	   because the lyrics are actually accompanied by piano.  Any help
	   here would be greatly appreciated.  
	4. This is the first time I have actually posted chords to this
	   news group.  I will wait awhile before submitting to, to see if others can add improvements.

Phil McClean	In our fight against the end
		Making love we are immortal
		'Not Enough Time' - INXS (A.Farriss/M. Hutchence)