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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Trinidad Bass Tab

by the insyderz
tabbed by Quadra Phreak (

"\" means slide

g |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
d |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
a |-------------------------------0---0--3-5---0---0--3-5------------------0---0--3-5---9--9\1-|
e |1---1--1--3-4---1---1--1--3-4---------------------------1---1--1--3-4-----------------------|    3x
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g |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
d |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
a |-------------------------------0---0--3-5---0---0--3-5----------------9--9--7-5-3-|
e |1---1--1--3-4---1---1--1--3-4--------------------------1---1--1--3-4--------------|    

When Joe yells Trinidad play:

e| --1-1-1---5-5-5---3-3-3

Then proceed to play A once, then B once.

That's it, I'm pretty sure I made a mistake on the last parts of A and B if
you fix it, then send it in so I can correct them.  Its a fun song to play.

With Christ, ALL things.