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All In All Chords

Song:		All in All	
Artist:	Insyders
Tabbed For:	Guitar
Tabbed By:	Tim Fehr

Ok as usual some people don't know some of the chords that are in some 
songs. Well as usual I have broken down and made it real easy for those of 

   D         Dsus4         A          Bm          F#m          G
E--2--	E--3--	E--0--	E--2--	E--2--	E--3--
B--3--	B--3--	B--2--	B--3--	B--2--	B-3or0
G--2--	G--2--	G--2--	G--4--	G--2--	G--0--
D--0--	D--0--	D--2--	D--4--	D--4--	D--0--
A--x--	A--x--	A--0--	A--2-- 	A--4--	A--2--
E--x--	E--x--	E--0--	E--2--	E--2--	E--3--


D	A	Bm	F#m	D	A	D
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Verse 1:
D            A                 Bm	  D           A                Bm
 You are my strength when I am weak, | Taking my cross, my sin, my shame,
            F#m             G		 |          F#m              G
You are the treasure that I seek,	 | Rising again I bless Your name,
             D   A  D Dsus4 A		 |            D   A  D Dsus4 A
You are my all in all.			 | You are my all in all.
D            A             Bm		 |D            A                Bm
 Seeking you as a precious jewel,	 | When I fall down you pick me up,
             F#m         G		 |           F#m             G
Lord to give up I'd be a fool,	 | When I am dry, you fill my cup,
           D   A  D