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Aint Nuttin But A Bitch Thang Chords & Tabs

Insane Clown Posse Chords & Tabs

Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Aint Nuttin But A Bitch Thang Bass Tab

Band: Insane Clown Possee (ICP)
Album: (single)
Song: Ain't Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang (Eminem Diss #2)
Tuning: Standard (G, D, A, E)
Tabbed by: Niall 'Uncle Clitsta' ( formally 'clitz'
note: great bassline

/     - Slide
~     - Let Ring (see below tab for breif descrition)
^ ^ ^ - Triplet (beginners see below tab)
5h7   - Hammer on
7p5   - Pull Off



Verse (repeat as needed)
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Chorus (Eminem Ain't Nuttin But A Bitch...)
                                       ^ ^ ^

Fill 1 (not nessicarily needed...HUSBAND, TELL ME WHERE SHES AT?)

Fill 2 (not nessicarily needed...the 'suck dick' fill, unsure)

Added Bonus (during the intro there is a little background music, this is it
for bass, see below for more info)

thats it!
Triplet - The way I play a triplet is with a pick and i just up and down pick fast
if you know the song you'll learn how to play it.
Let Ring? - No, rather then stating all the other notes in the verse were staccato
i would rather say the D is a Lagatto, or a Longer note, perhaps even a reverse slide.
Added bonus - when your playing the added bonus, to get that tinnie sound play your
A-string with a Pick close to the metallic area that holds your strings tension.