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From:   Jorge Valente []
Sent:   Thursday, December 18, 1997 7:09 PM

Title:  Sweat
Artist: by Inner Circle

Here is some reggae riddim for you who like it. Inner Circles'"Sweat"goes
somethin like dis:

(N.C.) I've been watching you
A lalalala long a lalalalalong long lilong long long
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(Bb)Standing ac(Gm)ross the room I s(Cm)aw you smi(F)le
(Bb)Said I wanna talk(Gm) to you (Cm)for a little whi(F)le
(Bb)But before I make(Gm) my move my em(Cm)otion starts running w(F)ild
(Bb)My tongue gets t(Gm)ied and tha(Cm) no l(F)ie
Looking in your e(Bb)yes (Gm) (Cm)
(F) Looking in your big brown e(Bb)yes
Ooh girl (Gm)  And I've g(Cm)ot this to say to you (F) Yeah!


(Bb)Girl I want to ma(Gm)ke you sweat
(Cm)Sweat till you cant sw(F)eat no more
(Bb) And if you cr(Gm)y out
(Cm)I'm gonna push it
(F) Push it push it some mo(Bb)re
A la la la la lo(Gm)ng
A la la la la lo(Cm)ng
A la la la la lo(F)ng long li long long lo(Bb)ng

So I said to myself if she love me or no
And the strgnth I know our love is here to stay
With a little bit of this and a little bit of that
The lyrics go under your tak
My tongue gets tied and thats no lie
Looking in your eyes
Looking in your big brown eyes
Ooh girl, I've go this to say to you


submitted by Jorge Valente. Anybody out there know any Steel Pulse?