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Reggae Dancer Chords

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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 16:45:56 -0500
From: Jorge Valente 
Subject: CRD: "Reggae Dancer" by Inner Circle

Song: 		Reggae Dancer
Performer:	Inner Circle
Song Authors:	Ian Lewis, Bernard Harvey, Calton Coffie, Roger Lewis
Submitted by:	Jorge Valente ( Any errors please feel
free to e-mail me.\

				by Inner Circle

(E)Wow Wow Wow (A)
(E)Wow Wow Wow (A)
Said I (E)
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(E)Know A reggae dancer (A)   (E)
(E)From Kingston Jamaica(A)

(Abm) She know how to  bump
She know hot to grind
Dis little gal
She ruff all de time
She kn(A)ow how to sing
She dont drink gin
Knock three times she will let you in in her wo(B)rld of sweet reggae music
Reggae mu(B)sic yeah  (E)

(E)This irie crisp sister (A)   (E)
(E)This ruff regggae dancer (A)
(E)Her musical ma(A)gic
(E)Say you just got to h(A)ave it

second bridge:
(Abm)Better get ready so hold on steady
Dont distress it just respect it
You go(A)ne too far to turn back now
You made the right move you're in the groove in her wor(B)ld
Of sweet reggae mu(E)sic reggae mu(B)sic yeah (E)

Repeat verses and fade.......
		LONG LIVE DE REGGAE RIDDIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!