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Sorry Lads Chords

Sorry Lads
-Dave Mcpherson
-E Standard

I dare say i might of got this one 100%

F*   Am*
x    x
x    0
3    2
2    2
1    1
3    3

F* Am* G x 2 (the G is played at the end sharply)


F*		          Am*				        G
Met this bloke today, looked at me in a very strange way, i did nothing.
F*                                           Am*				   G
Smiled politely, he just stutterd over words he was trying to say.
F*			       Am*					G
He gave me the evil eye, revealed the fangs behind his smile, oh my!
G			           G
A yellow grin never shone so wicked.

 F*					Am*
I wonderd, what is his problem, is it my stupid hat or my annoying accent
 F*					    Am*				G
I know, some people feel that way, something something not even give me a chance
 F*					Am*				G
I fall out the orbit, but then the same thing happens to me the next weekend.
What could it be

[ Tab from: ]
Em                      F        C                    G     
I thought it was going well, but all these guys have got their eyes on my girl.
  Em            F        C                        G        
But its going swell, something missle talking to his something hell.
 Em              F                       C              G               
suppose you can never tell, until you discover all the dark secrets, well o-wel
  F                      G(strum oncemute!)
Ive got news for you my son, i aint going anywhere.

	        C  D  Am     		   C  D Am
I aint going anywhere, i aint going anywhere.
-Same chords are use second time around but with one more 'I aint...'

Play Verse
Play Chrous

C Em Am F
C Em Am F
C Em Am F
C Em Am F - Strum G as a bridge.

Play Chorus

I couldnt make out what was being said during the breakdown to well so ive just put up 
chords. Its easy enough if you play along with it a few times.