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Walk Away Chords

Walk Away
by Ingrid Michaelson

Tabbed by Florian J. Breunig

G              D
I was there to comfort you
   Em                   C 
to tell you things that were not true,
     G                 D
like love and how it's always here
    Em             C
and never goes. So don't you fear.

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Am           D         Em              Am       D
But I really know that "forevers" they come and go.
     Em      Am       D
So I hold on tight to letting go
          Em         C          Am        C
because I don't know when this, when this love will
walk away.

G            D
I am here to see us fall,
   Em                 C 
to see us slide right down the wall.
G                     D
I give up and take on something new,
        Em             C
take on someone who is just like you.