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Maybe Its Just Me Chords

I havent seen the correct version so i thought id post it. please bare with me as 
this is my first tab.

Capo 2

chords used
   G  Em  Cadd9   Dadd4


     G                   Em
The radio this mornin' played our song

   Cadd9                               Dadd4
Thought about the good times and I wondered what went wrong
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      G                       Em
Miscommunications or cuz you had no faith in me

Cadd9                     Dadd4                 Cadd9
Lack of inspiration or maybe, maybe its just me

Riff (2x)
This life that surrounds me but still i cannot see
I just can't make my heart fall for beauty endlessly
I don't know what I'm feeling it's not right it can't be
I try to find someone to blame but maybe, maybe it's just me

  Cadd9                              Dadd4
Maybe you were right to find your way out of my life

  Em                             G
Found comfort elsewhere while I held on way too tight

 Cadd9                           Dadd4
But I found no reason why I can't be satisfied

  Em                  Dadd4
Perhaps cuz I can't have you