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    Infectious Grooves
    off of "Sarsippius' Ark (Limited Edition)"
    This is a pretty weird/cool line.  It takes some EQ doodling to get the
    brittle tone that Robert gets for the main groove.  Also, the second chord
    part probably isn't correct (the G5).  I think that he might be pulling-off 
    and sneaking the fourth in, or something.  If anyone knows..
    intro/chorus: (all finger-style, but I slap it anyway! ;)
           up 1/2
    G |--------------------------|
    D |----^---------------------|
    A |----7-5-------------5-----|
    E |--0-----7--0----3-5-------|
          P  S S S   P  P*   P         (  P  P*  )Play Fill 1 before chorus
    G |---5----------5--75---5---------(--5--75--)---------------------------|
    D |---3------5---3--5----3------5--(--3--5---)---------------------------|
    A |--------5------------------5------------------------------------------|
    E |------3------------------3--------------------------------------------|
    *play the D as a grace note -- pull off to the C
    Fill 1:
         S H S   S p S
    G |------------------|
    D |------------------|
    A |------0---2-0-----|
    E |--2-3---------3---|
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