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Never Stop Chords

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NEVER STOP (Emily Sailers)
[Actually in E; capo 4.]
[Each chord is half a measure, except chords joined by a hyphen
 (e.g., "F - Fsus" are a half-measure _total_.]
[C* is a double hammer-on from x30000 to x32010.]
[I'm fairly uncertain about a lot of these chords; suggestions are welcome.
 Use whatever fingerings work for you, although I will note that they don't
 use the high E string much, except in the G in the intro (320003) and the
 Cmaj7 in the bridge (x32003).]

C    g    C*   g    Fsus   F-Fsus-F  F     Bb - B
C    g    C*   g    Fsus   F-Fsus-F  F     Bb - B

C    g           C*         g
You say she's a very good friend
      Fsus             Fsus      F   F
Circumstances I should understand
         C          g              C*       g
But like recurring tide she comes on to you
             Fsus                 Fsus
And looks as though she's looking for a man
Esus           e            Am7    Am7
  Honey, don't make yourself so available
Abm          Gm                Fmaj7     Fmaj7    Fm [hold]
  My pride's in my pocket, but I can be reasonable
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               g         g           Am  Am
Still, all in all, I foresee my own fall
         g           g - F#   F   g     C  g  C*  g  Fsus  F-Fsus-F  F  Bb-B
But I've climbed too far to drop,  so stop  [repeat intro chords]

I know it's your ego puts the smile on your face
Because you know you got your options open
She's a beguiling snake, and she'll keep what she takes
When she leaves you, I'll be the one coping
Honey, don't make yourself so available
My pride's in my pocket, but I can be reasonable

                      g          g            Am7  Am7
Still, through and through I can see clean through you
           g              g - F#  F   g      C   C   C7  C7   
I know you like to be the one on top,  but stop

         Fmaj7   Fmaj7  Cmaj7  Cmaj7
You will miss my conversation
            F        g      C - Csus  C
When you're talking to yourself
          Am             Am
You'll be thumbing for advice through the
Em           E7             Am
Pages of the novels on your shelf
Am               Abm          Gm              Fmaj7  Fmaj7    Fm [hold]
Honey, don't you see our love together is the very  best  bet

Put your focus on me and I'll forgive and forget
Throw away your hidden ace, you clever man; take my hand

Well you needn't play the part of your image
This is not a one act play we're living
As long as I'm here the situation is clear
It'll be fifty/fifty take and giving
Honey don't you see a lifetime's not much to ask
Take off your costume and remove your mask

If yes is what you will say, we're gonna start from today
Gonna take it to the very top; never stop

- Adam Schneider,