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Fixing A Broken Heart Chords

                  A       A/G#    F#m
there was nothing say the day you left
E               Bm        A      E/Esus4
i just filled a suitcase full of regrets
           A    A/G#   F#m
i hailed a taxi in the rain
E           Bm            A        E/Esus4
looking for some place to ease the pain

Pre-Chorus :
F#m          A/G#      A
Then like an answered prayer
         Bm         Bm/C#       D
i turned around and found you there
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Chorus :
                         A                 A/G#
You really know where to start (you really know where to start)
F#m      E      Bm      A
fixing a broken heart
           E			D
you really know what to do
     A         A/G#
your emotional tools
    F#m		E
can cure any fool
      Bm          Bm/C#      E
whose dreams have fallen apart
fixing a broken heart

A/G#  Fm#  E  A

Verse :

I never could understand
What you're going to thru
There must be a plan that led me to you
Coz' all the heart just dissapears
Every moment you are near

Pre-Chorus :

Just like an answered prayer
You make the lonliness easy to bear

Repeat Chorus

Bridge :
Em                      F#
Soon the rain will stop falling baby
   Bm              Bm/C#
So lets forget the past
coz here we are at last

Repeat Chorus