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Summer Romance Tab

Summer Romance

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   Hey all you guitarist out there.  I have never submitted a tab before but I must tell
you I wanted to know this intro sooo bad and I could not find the accurate interpretation
of it. It is very fast and has effects on it on the SCIENCE album.... What I did is
recorded it into a Mini Disc recorder, Sony makes a great one....then I played it back
and adjusted the Speed dial so that it made the tempo at least half of the original. That
way I could perceive all on the notes....
  I suggest that tactic for any tabbing of superfast stuff....
I pulled it off of the Acoustic version on the DVD. It is the same as the album

It sounds really great when you get it... Have fun!!!

Summer Romance inrto riff(acoustic version from DVD), album version is same.

This is the Correct intro riff! I slowed it down on a recorder and made sure.....