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Privilege Tab

Title - Privilege
Artist - Incubus
Album – Make Yourself
Tabbed by - Peter 

Here is my way. Might not be right cause its my first submission but its sounds as close the real thing as I can get it.

Any queries email me at  

Drop D tuning!!
I start here with the guitar on normal distortion and toned down.

E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ----------------6-------------------------------------6---------------11/12------------
D -------7---5---6---7---7----5---4h5-----7---5----6---7--7--5-----------------------
A -------7---5---4---7---7----5---4h5-----7---5----4---7--7--5----9/10--------------
D -------7---5--------7---7----5---4h5-----7---5--------7--7--5-----------------------
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Repeat the above twice then repeat 4 times with heavy distortion.
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -------7--5------7--7--5-----5h7--5----7---5---7--8--------------
A -------7--5------7--7--5-----5h7--5----7---5---7--8--------------
D -------7--5------7--7--5-----5h7--5----7---5---7--8---------------

I’m only showing the basic notes. Listen to the song to get the rhythm

Pre chorus

While Brandon sings …find a back door…

E ---9-9-9-9----------
B ---9-9-9-9----------
G ----------------------
D ----------------------
A ----------------------
D -----------------------


E ------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------
G --------6--------------------------------
D ---7-5-6-7-7-5h4h5---12-10---------
A ---7-5-4-7-7-5h4h5---12-10--------
D ---7-5---7-7-5h4h5---12--10-------- x4

The second and fourth time, play 
E ------------
G -----------
D --3---7---
A --3---7---
D --3---7---

That’s all I can get for now. Its close enuf tho if ne 1 can work the bit in the middle of the song and email it 2 me I would give credit where it is due 
I play in a band called Echelon and it goes down very well. Be sure to check out some of our tabs!!