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Anna Molly Chords

Intro: Cm-Eb-Cm-Ab
Cm            Fm
A cloud hangs over,
Cm                  Gm
It's a city by the sea,
Cm            Fm
I watch the ships pass and 
Cm              Gm
Wonder if she might be
Cm         Fm        Cm             G#m
Out there and sober as well for loneliness
Cm          Gm
Please do persist, girl, it's time
Cm           Gm
We met and made a mess
I picture your face in the back of my eyes
A fire in the attic a proof of prize
  Cm               Ab   Fm
Anomaly, anomaly, anomaly . . .
  Cm         Gm       Cm      Gm
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Verse: Do stanza chords
A cloud hangs over
And mutes my happiness a thousand ships couldn't sned me
back from distress
Wish you were here
I'm a wounded satellite
I need you now
Put me back together make me right
(Repeat Refrain)
I'll crawl to your name
I'll bend to the earth
Nobody else will ever compare
            Ab (intro)
Anomaly, anomaly
Ad lib: Ab-G-Ab-G

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