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A World Of Dead Promises Tab

“A World of Dead Promises” off of the album “Amongst the Poison Flowers”, tabbed out (if only partially) for your enjoyment…

When the electric guitar comes in at about 45 seconds or so:

B----------------------------------------- E 
G----------------------------------------- P 
D----------------------------------------- E 
A-------8-10------8-10--------8-10-8  A 
E---0-0-------0-0---------0-0---------- T)

At some point, the 8-10, and 8-10-8 on the A string go up an octave, to –10-12—10-12---10-12-10 on the G string.
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The Heavy Riff about 1 minute and 20 seconds in:
E—8-8-8-------8-8-8---------------8-8-8--------( ^ pick REALLY quickly)---------------------

That’s all I could figure out. If you enjoyed this, Drop me a line at, it would interest me to know that someone listens to Incaged ( aside from me.

Hope you enjoyed!